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Glory Be started this conversation
This is an online bulletin board type "people helping people" site that is broken down by state level. It makes it easier to navigate and connect people in need with contributors or organizations in their area.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Warmlifefantasy
That ok lot of people don't know that this is a info site till someone tells them.
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Warmlifefantasy   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thank you I'm new at this type of thing so it's pretty much hands on training for me.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Warmlifefantasy
Hi this is a info site all resources only helps kids up to 12 years old so Look at the post 8 down from your post it the places that helps with Christmas.
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I am raising 2 grandsons ages 12 and 15 I'm a single grandmother and thought I work full time it's low pay that barely pays the bills, I need help with their Christmas I've been worried sick about it. Because I do work I'm not eligible for help they are really concentrating on the folks that have no income and I fully understand that. I am in Manchester TN.. Thank you very much even if it's a prayer you can offer
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Toemoss
Hi this is only a info site for food and clothes call churchs and see which one helps with food and clothes for help for bills if they got the funds type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state u will see a list of places that can help just because they don't have the funds today don't mean they want have it next week. If u look though the messages on here u will see a list of places that helps with Christmas put toys for tots has stop for this year also the salvation army has stop for this year. Hope this can help u.
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I'm a disabled father of five looking for any type of help I can receive. Prayers work also
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Hi we are a family of 5 who recently moved back to Grand Rapids, MI. We spent all our money on 1st mo rent and Sec dep. We have only beds no other furniture. We don't even know howwe are going to make the kids happen( boy age 12 boy age 10 and girl age 8 ). They are of age where they notice when we are lacking on funds and it freaking sucks! If you can help us with any of these things. Decent used furniture even works we aren't picky ( lol we'll slip some slip covers on them and smile like we've decorated a mansion ) If you aren't able to help us financially we'd appreciate a prayer to help us get on our feet.
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Mama B
Hi, I am currently 6 months pregnant, have a 17 yr old and a 6 year old. We recently bought a 57 Greyhound bus that is converted into a home. The bus has been sitting for 10 years and we are not able to work on it where it stands. We are temperarily staying at a family members house. But we are to be moving onto the bus hopefully before the baby is born. We need to get tyhe bus to a safe place to fix it. It isnt road worthy and we have to get it towed about 10 miles. The problem is, is that it is going to cost $300 + just to move it that far. We just moved to Tallahassee after living in our little, falling apart truck, for the last 2 years and out of a backpack for years before that. Help and Many Prayers are appreciated for our family. God Bless!!
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littlelacie   in reply to adholland
we do not know any resources that will help anyone get a car,sorry.
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I live with and take care of my elderly Aunt. I got in a wreck two weeks ago and now I'm having to find people to get rides from to take her to her many Dr appointments. I am on disability, so I don't have much of an income. And I also have Dr appointments that I need to go to. I suppose what Im asking is if there is absolutely anyone out there that can help us with a car please? A donated car or even a car that someone has to where we can make arrangements for me to make payments on each month. Anything will be greatfully appreciated!
Thank you &,GOD Bless
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I need help getting my truck fixed as me and my wife are down to 1 car and it's very hard on my job because she works too. It will cost 400 parts 100 labor . I can send pics of all receipts....I need calipers in front and drums in the back
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Nana & Papa   in reply to LostMama
Thank you for the suggestion. I do follow those sites. I live in Michigan and they live in Savannah TN. They do not have internet. Thanks :)
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LostMama   in reply to Nana & Papa
If any of yall have facebook there are groups you can search like buy,sell, trade or free.
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Nana & Papa
Our adult daughter, husband and my grandchildren live in Savannah TN. They are in need of a washer and dryer. Our son-in-law does work a security job, but they just need a little help. We do the best we can to help. Does any one have a set that they can have? Thank you.
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littlelacie   in reply to Need help with electric bill
Hi, dial 211,give city,county,state,say what you need help with. They will tell you what resources are available that might be able to help.
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Need help with electric bill
Blakley Pa
I'm I despite need of help with my electric bill. I have a shut off notice. It's not
My main heating source but I so use electric heaters because I have no oil.
Please help I'm running out of time!
I'm not a dirtball, I work full time I'm a mother of two and I donate plasma to get money for gas to get me to work. I'm just really struggling! My electric company won't set up payments it's blakley electric.
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blessing 123   in reply to A_Singlemom_N_Need
I am praying for you praying that GOD will open doors for you remember to put GOD first pray to GOD he hears you
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woman in a shoe   in reply to A_Singlemom_N_Need
Hi all we can do is give u information where u mite get help. Type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county still u will see a list of places that if they got.the.funds
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Hi I am a single seeking help with a utility bill, my lights have been disconnected, because a relative who was living with me up until my lights were off decided to tamper because he couldn't find anywhere to go organizations such as EOA and Salvation Army won't help me and me and my kids are displaced right now, currently I am seeking churches that will possibly help. 486.00 is what will get me reconnected, I am low on funds because a I am paying those that I stay with. Please keep me and prayer, If anyone knows places that will help can you please share I have displaced for months now.
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SisterServant   in reply to aidaamatt
Hello aidaamatt,

You are very welcome!
I am so happy to hear that God is answering your prayers. God never fails. I will pray that God helps your son to heal from the broken leg and ankle and that God will help your other son with supporting his family. Don't stop praying!
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