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Glory Be   in reply to woman in a shoe
I beg your pardon, but I'm on here almost every day.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to gmom57
Hi the person u posted to not been on here for sometime now. On here u got people from all over the world. If it was me I would try and fine someone close to where u live I have been on here for all most a year now I have not seen anyone that lives close to me yes I have seen some in my state the closes one I seen is for hours away. U can also check craigslist under handy man for where u live
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I am looking for a handy person to help fix my house. I need a bathroom done, kitchen ceiling and floor, and chimney patched from water coming inside and running into the livingroom. I live in the Pittsburgh atrea.
Thank You
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SisterServant   in reply to divadavida
Yes. God always sends help. Thank you for that reminder.
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divadavida   in reply to ClydesMomma95
Craigslist in your area. Go to pick city and state. Go to for sale. Then click on free. There are tons of people giving free used or gently used items. From housewares to baby items to firewood! U can also go on there to post an ad and ask for anyone with baby items contact you. We are expecting as well. I am the grandmother lol and brand new items will appear. So keep your head up. Keep doing what your doing. You should be very proud of yourselves. If you were my daughter I would be very proud of you two. Keep praying. God is sending help
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Plz pray for mi health n home for me n mi son whoz 11yo..we been livin in sheltersn wit family members n now we live wit dsughter n her bf it iz not workin out.I juz moved from to merced ca. Idont get income for me but recieve aid for son.waitin on ssi.cuz im disabled.. feelin alone n lost...
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37 yr old single mother on disability, of three beautiful daughters. Ages 3 3/4, 11 and 17 1/2. We moved to Eugene, OR from Atascadero, CA 5 months ago and have been struggling because now I get less money from Social Security Disability and the state. Then to top it off I'm having bank problems because of scandal. So, I don't have my full rent for July. I paid $450 and now they want the remainder of the rent $366 and the rest of my deposit $400, by the end of the month. They were previously allowing me to make payments on the deposit. Now they want it all, or my daughter's and I will be back in the homeless shelter that I worked so hard to get out of. I have been calling everywhere for help and no one has the funding or they will only help with the last hundred! Can anyone help, since is dragging their feet in fixing the problem. I am desperate!!
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Need help finding housing for middle age husband and wife in Lafayette Louisiana, they can only afford 700/month
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sonshinesas   in reply to heroesbenefitfund
Post the websites so those that want to donate know what its all about.
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I started a non profit charity in Dothan Alabama ..I raise money for wounded warriors,soldiers,firefighters,law enforcement and our little heroes kids battling need of a van(cargo) just stared and funds are low.try for anything
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Onarampage   in reply to queen21
Call PGE they can help you. They will come out and check your Apt and weatherize it and give you a free ac.Best of luck to you and your family.
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sonshinesas   in reply to family 4 life
Sorry no funds here just resource info. Call 211 for local help.
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family 4 life
God bless you all
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How do I get free college stuff. Like school supplies, bookbag, comforts, etc. I don't have anything for my dorm yet.
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SisterServant   in reply to familydad8
I will pray for you. Also, read through the prayers I have written on my public page and see if there is one you would like to copy to add to those you already say. God is listening and He will not fail you. Keep your faith.
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Family of 8 children me and my wife, being a single income family and me being put on medical leave just needing prayers because we are about to lose our house vehicles, and electricity but I know everyone is struggling. I couldn't ask for financial help but we need all the prayers we can get. Thank you
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Have a family of 3 looking for a window a.c. no a.c. in our apartment son has sever asthma if anyone could help I would appreciate it very much thanks.
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Looking for help getting a chihuahua puppy from TX to Ga to help with my depression over loosing my baby. I'm low income after loosing my job.
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jeng86   in reply to SAANDERSON
Thank you saanderson

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SAANDERSON   in reply to Pickett10
http://www.800charitycars... TO APPLY FOR A DONATED CAR.